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Latest News

Professor Martin Green honoured for Environmental Work

Posted 20 09 2023

Updated on 20 09 2023

Members may remember Professor Martin Green, who was our guest speaker at our Sunday Seminar on 18th  August 2019. Professor Green spoke about developments in photovoltaics (solar energy) in which he has played an enormous role both here and overseas. The Sydney Morning Herald of 19th August 23, in the Good Weekend, has a most wonderful article about Green, who has been honoured by Finland and in Mumbai for his work, and who next month will go to London, where King Charles will award him with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for engineering for his work on solar energy. He has not had the recognition he deserves in Australia. You may wish to look up the Good Weekend article and read for yourselves about this remarkable man.

Paul Kelly - If Not Now

Posted 19 09 2023

Updated on 20 09 2023

Singer and song writer Paul Kelly has released a song in support of the YES Campaign for the Indigenious Voice to Parliament.

Listen to it here:

Ministerial Reply from The Hon Linda Burney MP on the Voice

Posted 16 08 2023

Updated on 16 08 2023

The official reponse from the Honourable Linda Burney on Margaret Hinchey's letter regarding the Voice.

Please see these two attachments:


Dr Anne Twomey speaks on the Referendum and the Voice

Posted 10 07 2023

Updated on 12 07 2023

CCJP hosted Dr Twomey on Thursday 29 June on this important topic. Her talk and Powerpoint slides are here for you. Share them with your family and friends to help get a successful Referendum.

CCJP Seminar with Dr Anne Twomey AO

Posted 31 05 2023

Updated on 01 06 2023

We have been extremely fortunate to have our invitation accepted by Dr Anne Twomey AO to speak. Please spread the word to family, friends and contacts on this important topic to come along on 29th.  No cost, but we’ll have a donation bucket available towards the Uluru Dialogue Group if you wish to donate

THURSDAY 29 June 2023 at 4pm – 6pm

See the attached flyer for more information.



CCJP Seminar with Patricia Anderson AO - REMINDER

Posted 07 02 2023

Updated on 07 02 2023

For the first time in three years, our next seminar will be face to face on:

Thursday 23 February from 4pm-6pm

At the Convent of Mercy, 6 Victoria Rd North Parramatta

Our guest speaker will be Pat Anderson AO. Pat is well known for her work over many years in indigenous issues. Now, in this vital year where we must vote for Constitutional change and a Voice to Parliament for indigenous peoples in matters that concern them, it is important that we have the information we need to make our decision, and Pat is just the person to tell us. We are hearing from politicians and media that they are not informed, well here is the chance to address that if only they have good will and will listen. Come along now and bring family and friends if you can, and also spread the news to your contacts.

See the attached flyer for more information.

(Phone number only attended on Wednesdays 11am-3pm)




Prof Martin Green awarded the International Millennium Technology Prize

Posted 02 12 2022

Updated on 02 12 2022

Professor Martin Green AM, who was our guest speaker in August 2019, has been awarded the International Millennium Technology Prize. The prize was awarded for his development of the Passivator Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC), a solar cell that’s proved to be so efficient, cheap and scalable, it’s already changed the worldby its mass deployment across the earth. Congratulations Professor Green!”

Learn more about the Uluru Statement and the Voice to Parliament - Watch now

Posted 09 11 2022

Updated on 10 11 2022

Click the link below for a comprehensive learning resource with the Uluru Dialogue to explain Indigenous constitutional recognition, a Voice to Parliament, a referendum and why it all matters.

A Learning Journey on the Voice to Parliament

What is Indigenous Constitutional Recognition? Learning with From The Heart- Watch now

Posted 09 11 2022

Updated on 10 11 2022

Indigenous Constitutional Recognition, in the context of the call from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through Uluru Statement from the Heart, is amending the Australian Constitution to enshrine an Indigenous "Voice to Parliament". Recognition through a Voice goes beyond a symbolic gesture and advocates for practical change which will have a direct impact on the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the country.

Earth-centred Governance System - Watch now

Posted 05 10 2022

Updated on 06 10 2022

CCJP had a marvellous address by Dr Michelle Maloney. There is much valuable information to unpack in the video, but the core of Michelle’s presentation and her life’s work is to advocate for systems change in order to shift industrialised societies like ours, from a human-centred to an Earth-centred governance system.

Enjoy exploring her passion and commitment to Earth’s survival.

How can Economic and Political Systems Operate to Support the Ecology of the Planet?

Posted 31 08 2022

Updated on 31 08 2022

Click on the Poster to enlarge

Dr. Michelle Maloney is a lawyer and advocate for Earth-centred law and governance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and History) and Laws (Honours) from the Australian National University and a Ph.D. in Law from Griffith University.

She is co-founder and National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), and in this role she works to promote the understanding and practical implementation of Earth-centred governance in Australia – with a focus on law, economics, ethics, education, Indigenous partnerships and the arts.

She is an engaging and passionate speaker.

"There are two relationships, one between land and one between people. The question is one of a custodial ethic, of looking after land that becomes the core of what kind of society you have…the big one is the law of obligation, we are obliged to look after the land and each other."

Adjunct Associate Professor Mary Graham via Zoom

Thursday, September 22


The zoom link is:

RSVP if you can to CCJP at



Posted 22 07 2022



CCJP invites you to hear Dr Simon Longstaff, AO FCPA

Posted 06 07 2022

Updated on 06 07 2022

Dr Longstaff will address the question:


  • What kind of freedom furthers democracy?
  • Is  limiting personal or group freedom (eg during the pandemic) undemocratic?

This will be an online zoom session. Date: Wednesday27 July 2022 . Tim e: 4pm - 5.30pm



Posted 03 06 2022


A NEW ERA ...more


Posted 02 06 2022



Is the increasing election of Independent candidates - a positive or negative for Parliamentary democracy?

Posted 07 04 2022

Updated on 07 04 2022

On Wednesday 23 March we had the great pleasure of hearing Cathy McGowan, former independent member for Indi in Victoria, speak via zoom. Her topic was "Is the increasing election of Independent candidates - a positive or negative for Parliamentary democracy?"

It was an extremely interesting talk, given that we’re on the cusp of a Federal election, and so for those who missed it, and those who want to see it again we have recorded and posted it below.

Election 2022 with Ms Cathy McGowan AO

Posted 21 02 2022

CCJP Invites you to Hear Ms Cathy McGowan AO ...more

Firestorm: In Conversation with Greg Mullins and Kerry O’Brien

Posted 10 11 2021

Updated on 10 11 2021

Dear Friends, as you know, COP26 is happening at present in Glasgow, and we are all holding our collective breath waiting to hear its outcome. We invited Greg Mullins, former Fire Chief and Climate Council member, to do a zoom with CCJP. It was a folorn hope as he is fully involved with COP26. However, the Climate Council has given us permission to use the interview between Greg Mullins and Kerry O’Brien, about Greg’s new book “Firestorm”. It is hard hitting but inspiring. We are putting it up on the website.

Also, after COP26 is over, the Climate Council will be running a Zoom with Prof Lesley Hughes, Dr David Bradshaw and others analysing the outcome and possible future action. No date has been set yet, but they have invited CCJP members and friends to join the zoom.

Given the late time of year, we will promote this as our last event for 2021, and hope to see you all in person in 2022

Read the full converstation with Greg Mullins and Kerry O’Brien here.


Posted 29 10 2021

Read a positive and uplifting story of the Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land who have developed and managed a project for their children’s future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              With thanks to Bernadette Gore from Careaccounting who is one of their great supporters.


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