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Sunday Seminar Gallery

A Collection of Images from past Sunday Seminars

Dean Parkin1 Australia Dean Parkin2 Australia Dean Parkin3 Australia Dean Parkin Australia
Jamie Pittock Australia IMG_5064 IMG_5065 IMG_5068
IMG_5070 IMG_5072 IMG_5073 IMG_5076
Dr Simon Longstaff AO 17 February 2019 Attendees at Jennifer Newman seminar Australia 17 Feb 2019 The Statement Australia 17 Feb 2019 Jennifer Australia
17 Feb 2019 Jennifer and Marie Butcher Australia 17 Feb 2019 Discourse Australia 17 Feb 2019 Rob Brian and Margaret Knowlden Australia  

CCJP In Action Gallery

CCJP Palm Sunday 2017 LetThemStayFeb16 People's Climate March, November 2015 PCM 1 People's Climate March November 2015 PCM 2
People's Climate March November 2015 PCM 3 Join CCJP at the climate march this Sunday PCMsmall1 Etienne and Claire, Palm Sunday Rally 2015 Etienne and Claire web Palm Sunday Rally 2015 Group 1 web
Palm Sunday Rally, 2015 Group 2 OLSH Sisters, Palm Sunday Rally 2015 OLSH sisters Pat, Margaret Anne and others, Palm Sunday Rally 2015 Pat and Margaret Anne web Sydney People's Climate Rally, 21 September 2014 ClimateRally Australia