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CCJP is actively promotes and advocates for a fair and justice approach to asylum seekers and refugees. Click here to read about CCJP initiatives including seminars, letters to Ministers and submissions.


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Mobile Phones in Detention Centres

Posted Sep 10, 2020

Updated on Sep 10, 2020

Due to the Covid19 restrictions we have not been able to enjoy our usual seminars face to face. However, never fear! CCJP is planning zoom meetings as an alternative, so stay tuned. We will be in touch soon. In the meantime there is an action you could take. As you may ...more


Resources on Asylum Seekers

Our Resources page has more information on refugees and asylum seekers, including links to useful resources and forums.

Special topics:

The 2013 Federal Election: CCJP's Federal Election Check Out on Asylum Seekers

The Asylum Seeker Centre NSW -  Pre-election Statement


Fore more information on Adverse ASIO Assessments - click here

For more on the 'Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers' -  click here


Sunday Seminar Papers

Apr 2013: The Politics of Skilled / Labour Migration. Dr. Chris Wright highlights the intersections between politics and policy of skilled immigration, family immigration & asylum seeker issues. Read a summary here or the full transcript here.

Sept 2012: Refugees: Appealing to our better angels by John Menadue AO. Read a transcript of his address here.