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Take responsibility for poker machines, Woolworths

Did you know that Woolworths is the largest owner and operator of dangerous high-loss poker machines in Australia? If you want Woolworths to take more responsibility for their poker machines and the lives of vulnerable people, join GetUp's letter-writing campaign. GetUp is asking you to print off a letter, personalise it and take it to your local Woolworths store.

This is really important right now because it's just a month until Woolworths hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the company to discuss our pokie reform proposals. 257 GetUp members, who are shareholders of Woolworths, have forced the company to hold the meeting, so now we need to ramp up the pressure. Let's make sure the Woolworths manager in your local area is passes on this message: their customers and community want Woolworths to do the right thing by our communities. That means sensible limits on the amount of money problem gamblers can lose on Woolworths poker machines.

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Updated: 20/10/2012

Speak up for Australia's fair trading rights at the TPPA - only 1 week till the next round of negotiations

With pressure mounting to conclude the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) that Australia is negotiating with the USA and seven other countries, we need to make our voices heard to ensure that the Australian government does not agree to:

- The right of corporations to sue governments over health and environment regulation
- Changes to the PBS leading to higher prices for medicines
- Increased rights for patent and copyright holders at the expense of consumers
- Reduce Australian content in government purchasing and in audio-visual media
- Remove labelling for genetically engineered food

Read more and join AFTINET's letter-writing campaign

Updated: 29/08/2012

Say no to cluster munitions

Right now, the Senate is debating a Bill which, if passed, would allow Australian troops to assist foreign allies to stockpile, transit and use cluster munitions. Before the parliamentary debate resumes, we have a chance to contact our Senators to ask them to fix the Bill. More information and take action

Updated 20/08/2012

You're wrong Mr Magid - asylum seekers do deserve our compassion


One newspaper publisher/editor has argued in an opinion piece that there should be less compassion for asylum seekers arriving by boat. Don't let his comments go unrefuted!

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Updated 10/08/2012


Australia's overseas aid spending

Speak up against the Government's recent cut to Australia's overseas aid spending.

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Updated: 9/05/2012