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CCJP supports a range of petitions that advocate for just causes. Current petitions are listed below.

Draw the Border for Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste wants a boundary with Australia in the Timor Sea drawn halfway between the two countries, in accordance with current international law.

Australia needs to finalise the matter, and to do it as soon as possible. The Timorese people have the right to a border, and so have Australians.

ERC calls for Action on Asylum Seekers

Recognise !



A taxpayer-funded Reef-killing project

$1 billion of taxpayers' money could be used to prop up Adani's un-bankable, Reef-trashing coal mine!

Switch to better Power today!

It's time for a change

A new consumer movement of more than 14,000 people and counting, GetUp's Better Power campaign is all about helping you choose a greener, cleaner energy company that won't cost the earth.

Safeguard the Racial Discrimination Act - ANTAR

The Government has announced a Senate Inquiry into the Racial Discrimination Act to appease the Hanson Senators and the right of the Coalition Government.

We’ve seen attempts to wind back the key protection against racial discrimination before. We stood with partners in 2014 to fend off attacks on the Racial Discrimination Act, and we must now do so again.

No Business in Abuse

Australians are coming together to stop corporations profiting from human suffering in Australia's detention centres.

Stand with the Wangan and Jagalingou people to protect their land

"My people have formally rejected an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Adani to build the Carmichael coal mine on our land. I'm asking you and all people to join us in our fight."

- Adrian Burragubba, Traditional Owner

If the Carmichael mine proceeds it will tear the heart out of our country. The scale of this mine means it would have devastating impacts on our native title, ancestral lands and waters, our totemic plants and animals, and our environmental and cultural heritage.

It will pollute and drain billions of litres of groundwater, and obliterate important spring systems. It will potentially wipe out threatened and endangered species. It will literally leave a huge black hole of monumental proportions in our homelands. These effects are irreversible. Our land will be "disappeared".

Write a letter to an asylum seeker

Let asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru know there are Australians who are thinking about them and are doing everything they can to fight the brutal policies put in place by our "political leaders".


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