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The Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) consists of organisations and individuals who seek an Australia and a world that listens to calls from our low-lying island neighbours in the Torres Straits and the Pacific about the serious threat that climate change poses to them and recognises that Australia has an ecological debt to these peoples. For more information on PCP  click here

Coal Seam Gas and Fracking

The process of hydraulic fracturing - fracking - to extract gas from bedrock has created huge concerns about health, safety and environmental risks. Click here to go to our page on Coal Seam Gas and Fracking

Latest News & Blogs

Election to determine climate action for next decade

Posted Apr 12, 2019

Election to determine climate action for next decade

Polling shows that climate change is now a vote-deciding issue: the majority of Australians want climate change action, and support renewable energy. ...more

"Absolute disgrace" - Adani water concessions can be stopped by Queensland State Government

Posted Sep 19, 2018

Adani's proposed giant coal mine has cleared another hurdle with the federal government waiving the requirement for a full environmental assessment for a pipeline that will extract billions of litres of water from a river in drought-ravaged central Qld. ...more

Living the Change - online facility for commitments available

Posted Aug 23, 2018

Living the Change - online facility for commitments available

No doubt you are reducing your carbon footprint, but some lifestyle changes may be new. Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) has this year's global faith-based initiative, 'Living the Change', online for commitments and community events ...more

Nuclear waste sites pose insoluble problems

Posted Aug 3, 2018

Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) is concerned that short term proposals for the storage of Australia's nuclear waste in SA will leave insoluble problems for present and future generations. ...more

Australians support renewables over coal

Posted Jul 18, 2018

Australians support renewables over coal

The Pacific Calling Partnership is highlighting a 2018 Lowy Institute Poll that finds 84% of Australians believe that the government should focus on renewable energy over coal-fired plants, even if such measures were to cost more. ...more

Sign Petition to stand with Traditional Owners against Adani

Posted Jun 4, 2018

Read the latest message from the leaders of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners. They are the Traditional Owners of the land where mining giant Adani want to build the Carmichael coal mine. ...more

March for Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy

Posted Mar 15, 2018

March for Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy

#Time2Choose Rally and March is being held outside NSW Parliament House at 12 noon on Saturday 24 March - calling for Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Energy. ...more

Ignoring climate data makes mass extinctions likely

Posted Mar 7, 2018

We have a combination of man-made hazards threatening continued human survival, writes Bob Douglas, and the evidence base and scientific data, writes Andrew Glikson, are under-rated by political decision makers everywhere. ...more

Climate Change adaptation - loss of momentum

Posted Mar 1, 2018

Professor Bruce Thom AM, Member, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, and former Chair National Coasts and Climate Change Council reflects on the last 10 years and where we are heading. ...more

Coal and CSG delusion

Posted Oct 4, 2017

Climate change is no longer a benign theory which might have impact decades hence.Denying this reality, the government dances to the tune of the fossil-fuel industry, trying to establish as many new coal, Coal Seam Gas (CSG), LNG and oil projects as it ca ...more