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About Us

Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace is a coalition of individuals and groups, working for the emergence of just social structures in Australia and overseas. It works as an integral part of the Church at the service of the world and especially of the victims of injustice. It has the following aims:

  • To act in solidarity with poor, deprived and oppressed people in the struggle for justice and peace.

  • To bring a Catholic dimension to that struggle.

  • To assist and challenge all Catholics to work for justice and peace by establishing opportunities for reflection, dialogue and service.

  • To work within the Catholic Church for a more inclusive, participatory and just Church.

  • To work in collaboration with counterparts in Australia and overseas.

Our history

Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace was established in May 1987, to promote work for justice. Its founding followed the dismissal of the former Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. The Commission had played a major role in the Church’s justice ministry for 19 years. A new organization was urgently needed. To give Catholics the opportunity to act on important issue of social justice, the Coalition was born.
On 31 May 1987, a meeting of representatives from all over Australia met and established this new structure under the name of Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace.

CCJP's working party

CCJPS's working party is made up of volunteers from amongst the CCJP members. The working party meets each month for general business and planning. Current memebers of the working party are:

Anne Lane (Convener)
Cecily May (Secretary)
Margaret Hinchey
Christine Brenton
Rob Brian
Marie Butcher
Adrianne Hannan
Terry Hannan
Anthony Klein
Maureen Watson


Our funding

CCJP is an independent charitable organisation.  Our funding comes from membership fees and donations from individuals and religious congregations.

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Our Constitution

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2012 Annual Report

To download a copy of our 2012 Annual Report, please click here

Edna's painting

Edna Watson is a Darug elder whose paintings have been recognised in Australia and overseas. In this work, commissioned by CCJP, Edna expresses the various groups who have come to Australia with the original Aboriginal people in the centre of the circle of reconciliation. Reconciling hands point inwards and outwards. Earth colours dominate with the central circle showing a broken earth, symbolic of the current drought and the unfinished process of reconciliation.

CCJP commissioned Edna to produce the painting which is now also our logo. Each CCJP Award winner is presented with a framed print of Edna's artwork, while the original hangs in the Seminar Room at CCJP's premises.

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