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A Beginners Guide to the Uluru Statement

Posted 20 11 2020

A Beginners Guide to the Uluru Statement

We have not been idle throughout this pandemic year. We have produced, at the request of Dean Parkin and the From the Heart Committee, a short amateur video supporting the aims of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We invite you to use the video with family & friends.

Watch the Uluru Statement from the Heart Video now

We also are sending the link to a booklet “A Beginner’s Guide to the Uluru Statement”, compiled by Sheila Quonoey pbvm in April 2020, a lovely work which aims to spread understanding of the Uluru Statement, and some reflections and possible Actions people can make.

Read “A Beginner’s Guide to the Uluru Statement” now

Federal Budget 2020 - A Lost Opportunity

Posted 19 10 2020

Comments on the Commonwealth Budget show the overall sentiment is one of opportunities lost, though there were some announcements that will support people working in and supported by the social service sector. It does little however to support those whose lives have been shattered by the coronavirus and the related structures of exclusion.  This is a budget that, without doubt, will increase inequality. As stated in the Sisters of St Joseph’s media release, it is those who are already disadvantaged who will miss out.   The im¬me¬di¬ate eco¬nomic vic¬tims will be peo¬ple who al¬ready work in pre¬car¬i¬ous em¬ploy-ment, and those who even now are suffering from the deprivations of Covid-19.   There is no funding to deal with the crises in aged care facilities The JobMaker hiring credit excludes anyone over 35 who lost their job throughout COVID-19 Older women have been largely excluded from wage subsidies, which are instead focussed on under-35-year-olds and male-dominated industries The tax package created by the Coalition benefits the top 20% of income earners by 41% in 2020-21, and an extraordinary 88% in 2021-22 — after lower-income earners receive just one allocation of a $1080 refund (the Australia Institute) There is no new funding for public housing, and this budget plans to ...more

Mobile Phones in Detention Centres

Posted 10 09 2020

Updated on 10 09 2020

Due to the Covid19 restrictions we have not been able to enjoy our usual seminars face to face. However, never fear! CCJP is planning zoom meetings as an alternative, so stay tuned. We will be in touch soon.

In the meantime there is an action you could take. As you may know  Peter Dutton has devised another cruel policy to take away mobile phones from detainees.

Senator Jackie Lambie may defeat it in the Senate if she is advised by people to do so.

Help Senator Lambie decide

Thousands of people have emailed their Senators this week to keep mobile phones in detention.

You might have seen that Peter Dutton’s Bill made it through the lower house. Now, Senator Lambie could decide if the Bill makes it through the Senate.

Right now, can you complete this quick poll on Senator Lambie’s website and ask her to vote NO on this cruel Bill?

Read full update

Letter to the Minister regarding Rio Tinto's destruction of Sacred Sites

Posted 25 06 2020

Updated on 25 06 2020

Letter to the Minister Dear Minister I write on behalf of Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace Sydney,  to express our deep dismay at the wanton destruction of the two sacred sites at Juukan Gorge  WA by Rio Tinto Ltd.  As a faith-based organisation we understand the spiritual importance of sacred places in our lives and so appreciate, to the extent we can as non-Aboriginal people,  the distress the Puutu Kunti Kurrama people must be feeling at this terrible loss to their culture, history and spirituality. We know that Aboriginal cultural heritage is a fundamental part of Aboriginal community life and cultural identity. It also  has global significance, and forms an important component of the heritage of all Australians. These sacred sites gave Aboriginal people, and the world, a unique link to 46,000 years of Indigenous history, including 4000-year-old genetic traces linked to the current traditional owners. The barbarity of this act compares with the Taliban's demolition of the 5th Century Buddhas of Bamyan that outraged people around the world.  These much more ancient and significant sites seem not to have raised similar outrage among Australians. Companies such as Rio Tinto just do not learn.Time has long passed for our major corporates ...more

Treaty, Makarrata at Sunday seminar

Posted 23 01 2020

Treaty, Makarrata at Sunday seminar

Dean Parkin, from the Quandamooka People of Minjerribah and advocate of the Uluru Statement from the Heart which he helped to compose, will present the next Sunday Seminar on 16 February 2020. ...more

Water - a precious resource! What future?

Posted 16 10 2019

Water - a precious resource! What future?

Save the date - Sunday 17 November at 10am to hear Professor Jamie Pittock speak on addressing the ecological crisis of the Murray-Darling basin and other inland waterways of Australia. ...more

Just Now - October 2019 edition

Posted 10 10 2019

Two and a half years after the Statement of the Heart, the latest edition of 'Just Now' from the CRA Justice Committee looks at the journey to A CONSTITUTIONAL VOICE FOR INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS and separates the facts from various fictions. ...more

Leader in solar energy at Sunday Seminar

Posted 21 07 2019

Leader in solar energy at Sunday Seminar

Scientia Professor Martin Green AM ForMemRS of University of New South Wales is Director of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics. An engaging communicator, Prof Green presented on Sunday 18 August 2019. ...more

Sovereignty and Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Posted 07 06 2019

The Uluru Statement is at the forefront of discussion post-election. Henry Reynolds argues that the question of sovereignty overshadows every other consideration. Senator Pat Dodson urges government to 'deal with' Indigenous voice to parliament. ...more

Is Australia still an ethical country?

Posted 27 05 2019

Is Australia still an ethical country?

Dr Simon Longstaff AO, philosopher and Executive Director of The Ethics Centre will present the Sunday Seminar on 16 June 2019. Over 25 years ago Simon pulled a circle of chairs together for a conversation about Ethics being at the centre of being human. ...more

Let's really talk about constitutional recognition

Posted 18 02 2019

Let's really talk about constitutional recognition

Jennifer Newman's Sunday seminar on 17 February 2019 took us to understanding the two-way movement required for true decolonisation of Australia's history of over 60,200 years and for seeking equal participation in the national polity. ...more

Uluru Statement from the Heart and Indigenous incarceration

Posted 19 07 2017

The Uluru Statement from the Heart sets a way forward that invites all Australians to create our future together. The statement also highlights shocking rates of Indigenous imprisonment. The July issue of CLRI NSW's Just in Time publication looks at w ...more

Edited Transcript and Photos from Linda Burney February Address

Posted 26 02 2017

Edited Transcript and Photos from Linda Burney February Address

Read an edited transcript and see the event in images from the recent Sunday Seminar address by Linda Burney MP ...more

This Sunday - 21 August 2016 - CCJP Seminar: How inequality corrodes democracy and what we can do about it

Posted 18 08 2016

This Sunday - 21 August 2016 - CCJP Seminar: How inequality corrodes democracy and what we can do about it

For our upcoming Sunday Seminar on 21st August 2016 we are delighted to be joined by Professor Carmen Lawrence who will discuss: How inequality corrodes democracy and what we can do about it *Please note the change in venue for this seminar only* About Prof. Lawrence: After training as a research psychologist at the University of Western Australia and lecturing in a number of Australian universities, Dr Lawrence entered politics in 1986, serving at both State and Federal levels for 21 years. She was at various times W.A Minister for Education and Aboriginal affairs and was the first woman Premier and Treasurer of a State government. She shifted to Federal politics in 1994 when she was elected as the Member for Fremantle and was appointed Minister for Health and Human Services and Minister assisting the Prime Minister on the Status of Women. She has held various portfolios in Opposition, including Indigenous Affairs, Environment, Industry and Innovation and was elected national President of the Labor Party in 2004. She retired from politics in 2007. She is now a Professorial Fellow at the University of Western Australia and Director of the Centre for the Study of Social Change. Venue: Mercy Convent, 6 Victoria Rd North Parramatta Date: ...more

Long-standing activist Christine Brenton is recognised with the 2014 CCJP Award

Posted 05 08 2014

CCJP is delighted to announce that the 2014 CCJP Award has been given to Christine Brenton for her long and dedicated commitment to the work of social justice. Christine is one of the ‘quiet achievers’ often in the background and with no fanfare speaking and acting for the vulnerable and most marginalised in our community. Read more

Poignant tale from Maggie about the battle to save the beautiful Bentley Valley

Posted 26 05 2014

It isn’t often justice groups have stunning success in their advocacy but the Bentley Blockade near Lismore is one such victory.  Our September Sunday Seminar speaker last year was Maggie May  Maggie has had a long term and active interest in environmental issues, climate change, sustainable living and social justice issues. She lives in Kyogle in northern NSW, and is part of the that region's "lock the gate" movement against Coal Seam Gas exploration. Maggie spoke at a CCJP Sunday Seminar in September 2013.   Maggie tells a poignant story about their efforts to save the beautiful Bentley valley. I was staying overnight to keep watch and just before sunrise I sat outside the tent having a cup of coffee wondering if anyone would turn up to support us. Then I noticed car headlights coming over the rise, then a long line of car headlights heading our way.  And I just cried!  We are all pretty stoked at the moment, thanks for all the support of friends and rellies for Bentley, without widespread community action we would not have this result.  We have won this round but it's not over yet, still maintaining the vigil. But I just can't express how much I have ...more


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