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Latest News

Letter to the Minister regarding Rio Tinto's destruction of Sacred Sites

Posted 25 06 2020

Updated on 25 06 2020

Letter to the Minister Dear Minister I write on behalf of Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace Sydney,  to express our deep dismay at the wanton destruction of the two sacred sites at Juukan Gorge  WA by Rio Tinto Ltd.  As a faith-based organisation we understand the spiritual importance of sacred places in our lives and so appreciate, to the extent we can as non-Aboriginal people,  the distress the Puutu Kunti Kurrama people must be feeling at this terrible loss to their culture, history and spirituality. We know that Aboriginal cultural heritage is a fundamental part of Aboriginal community life and cultural identity. It also  has global significance, and forms an important component of the heritage of all Australians. These sacred sites gave Aboriginal people, and the world, a unique link to 46,000 years of Indigenous history, including 4000-year-old genetic traces linked to the current traditional owners. The barbarity of this act compares with the Taliban's demolition of the 5th Century Buddhas of Bamyan that outraged people around the world.  These much more ancient and significant sites seem not to have raised similar outrage among Australians. Companies such as Rio Tinto just do not learn.Time has long passed for our major corporates ...more

ALERT - Destruction of Sacred Sites and Rio Tinto

Posted 10 06 2020

Many people have expressed shock and dismay at the destruction of two sacred sites of the local Puutu Kunti Kurrama people by Rio Tinto at Juukan Gorge WA last week.  46,000 years of extraordinary history in our nation was sacrificed for profit.

They were not only extremely important sites for Aboriginal communities, but also they were extremely important sites for archaeological understanding of the distant past in Australia and for all Australians to respect and acknowledge the privilege of having in our nation the oldest continuing culture on the planet.

You may like to send a short message of concern and support to the Puutu Kunti Kurrama people at this email address:  

Help Resouces


Connection To Country Film - available for viewing Sunday

Posted 29 05 2020

Updated on 30 05 2020

The film, Connection to Country, will be released Sunday. The film is about a community in the Pilbara WA explaining their deep connection to the land and their fear. of the loss of their history and heritage.You may have heard of the wanton destruction of two sacred sites in the Pilbara last week by the mining company Rio Tinto. This film was made before this occurred and it is about a different community from the people at Juukan Gorge further west in the Pilbara. However it is very relevant to the appalling behaviour of Rio Tinto and other mining companies  over the past 20 years. Please see the links below for further information on the film.


The film will be accessible anytime online from 7pm on Thursday, 28th May until 7pm on Saturday 30th, May 2020
Please follow these directions to login:

1. Click on the link below

2. Click on login, top right hand corner

3.  Enter as a Guest Account:  FILEF

4.  Password: artfilms

New report details $783 million in funding cuts to our ABC

Posted 07 05 2020

Updated on 07 05 2020

Beloved programs have been axed. Hundreds of jobs lost. Reduced services in rural and regional areas.

All because the Government continually slashes funding from the ABC.

Our national broadcaster is the beating heart of Australia. We must keep up the fight to protect it. Can you help ensure the report gets noticed by spreading the word?

You can read and download the full report here.

1.5m apart, but every worker matters

Posted 06 04 2020

Migrant workers in Australia should have the same eligibility to JobKeeper scheme as everyone else. Tell your MP not to abandon these workers in a time of crisis. ...more

Sign UN Chief's call for Global Ceasefire

Posted 02 04 2020

Sign UN Chief's call for Global Ceasefire

The head of the UN just called for an immediate global ceasefire, and it's gaining momentum! Let's all join him to silence the guns amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Sign the urgent call using your email address. ...more

Imagining life after COVID-19

Posted 26 03 2020

Imagining life after COVID-19

Writes Andrew Hamilton SJ in Eureka Street magazine: "When reflecting on the society that we wish to build after coronavirus, we need to go beyond rebuilding the priorities and the ways of working that were there before. They were clearly inadequate.'' ...more

Public Seminar/Forum with Eva Cox - 14 March

Posted 04 03 2020

The Grail at North Sydney presents Eva Cox AO, who is keen to explore the problem of mistrust in our society and how we might help to create a more trustworthy society in which all can have some confidence. RSVP by 10 March. ...more

22 Tips to use less plastic

Posted 03 03 2020

Did you know that every hour 429,000 plastic bags are dumped into Australian landfill? Unnecessary plastic use is bad for the environment . There are plenty of ways you can reduce the amount of plastics you use too, check out these simple tips. ...more

How a nation adapts to its own murder

Posted 30 01 2020

Author Richard Flanagan writes in the New York Times that the Australian Government's stance on climate change is about adapting to the nation's own murder. ...more

Treaty, Makarrata at Sunday seminar

Posted 23 01 2020

Treaty, Makarrata at Sunday seminar

Dean Parkin, from the Quandamooka People of Minjerribah and advocate of the Uluru Statement from the Heart which he helped to compose, will present the next Sunday Seminar on 16 February 2020. ...more

Ross Garnaut's 2008 climate change prediction

Posted 10 01 2020

The 2008 Garnaut Climate Change Review, which examined the scientific evidence around the impacts of climate change on Australia and its economy, predicted that without adequate action, the nation would face a more frequent and intense fire season by 2020 ...more

Tassie trek for climate action

Posted 20 12 2019

In May 2020, The Climate Council invites you to go trekking in the Tarkine whilst raising awareness and funds for climate change action. Limited spaces available. ...more

Australia's homelessness crisis

Posted 07 11 2019

Adequate shelter is a basic human right recognised internationally and in Australia.1 in 200 people is homeless on any given night in Australia. There are a number of key areas where the current policy is not working to achieve the best outcomes. ...more


Posted 27 10 2019

Our new address from Wednesday 6 November will be 6 Victoria Road Parramatta 2150 (This is the Sisters of Mercy, who have kindly offered us an office space). ...more

Water - a precious resource! What future?

Posted 16 10 2019

Water - a precious resource! What future?

Save the date - Sunday 17 November at 10am to hear Professor Jamie Pittock speak on addressing the ecological crisis of the Murray-Darling basin and other inland waterways of Australia. ...more

Faith in Action Conference - Responding to Climate Change

Posted 16 10 2019

ARRCC, a multi-faith network committed to action on climate change, is holding its inaugural national conference on 8-10 November 2019 in Canberra. ...more

Just Now - October 2019 edition

Posted 10 10 2019

Two and a half years after the Statement of the Heart, the latest edition of 'Just Now' from the CRA Justice Committee looks at the journey to A CONSTITUTIONAL VOICE FOR INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS and separates the facts from various fictions. ...more


Posted 11 09 2019


To everyone who cares about a safe climate future, this is your invitation to join the Global #ClimateStrike on September 20 in Domain Sydney from 12 noon -2pm. People around the world will stand up to confront the climate crisis when politicians won't. ...more

Ignore the refusal to give Indigenous consent to Adani at our peril

Posted 11 09 2019

In a shameful act, the Queensland Government has extinguished land rights over Wangan and Jagalingou Country. "Our homelands and waters, the fate of our sacred Springs, and our ceremonial grounds, are now controlled by miner Adani." ...more


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