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Latest News

Young people discuss climate change

Posted 04 11 2018

Young people discuss climate change

The CCJP seminar on Sunday 21 October featured students from Catherine McAuley Westmead, Domremy College and OLMC Parramatta speaking about their projects for environmental sustainability. The students were articulate, knowledgeable and passionate. ...more

Carmen Lawrence: Waste in current school funding

Posted 01 11 2018

In our panel discussions which reviewed school funding in Australia, the so-called 'Gonski review', the effects of the declining influence of state governments and the increasing exercise of power by the Commonwealth, was pivotal to deliberations. ...more

Earthkin presents seminar on Trees

Posted 24 10 2018

The Tree of Life is a mystical symbol found in every culture and religion. It reminds us of our common ancestry and of our interconnection with all life forms. Hear from a scientist and artist on Saturday 27 October, Parramatta. ...more

Long walk from Dubbo - new Fair Treatment campaign

Posted 14 10 2018

The Long Walk is the primary activity of the Fair Treatment drug law reform campaign before the NSW State election. The campaign highlights the need for to improve outcomes for individuals and their families in rural areas. ...more

Until Universal Children's Day 20 November, join 120,023 everyday Australians to get #KidsoffNauru

Posted 08 10 2018

Until Universal Children's Day 20 November, join 120,023 everyday Australians to get #KidsoffNauru

Everyday Australians want to free the 95 children trapped on Nauru by Universal Children's Day 2018. Now Medecins Sans Frontieres has been ordered by the Nauru Government to leave, the situation for children suffering mental illness is more serious. ...more

Frank Brennan: Walking together for a better future

Posted 05 10 2018

Frank Brennan: Walking together for a better future

Frank Brennan's keynote address to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council Assembly: 'Strong Faith. Strong Youth. Strong Future - Walking Together in a movement of the Australian people for a better future' on 1 October 2018. ...more

Climate Warrior from Kiribati to speak in Melbourne and Sydney

Posted 22 09 2018

Climate Warrior from Kiribati to speak in Melbourne and Sydney

Former President of Kiribati, Anote Tong (pictured right), will be giving public talks in Melbourne and Sydney during October in order to highlight Australia's need to engage with Pacific Island neighbours on climate changes now. ...more

"Absolute disgrace" - Adani water concessions can be stopped by Queensland State Government

Posted 19 09 2018

Adani's proposed giant coal mine has cleared another hurdle with the federal government waiving the requirement for a full environmental assessment for a pipeline that will extract billions of litres of water from a river in drought-ravaged central Qld. ...more

Pearls and Irritations - on current affairs

Posted 07 09 2018

Read and reflect on 'the big issues' for Australia today - Ross Gittings on measuring Inequality; Kim Wingerei on the Legacy of the Lucky Generation; Derek Abbott opines on The Way we Live Now; and Stephen Long on cost of Coal vs Renewable Energy sources ...more

#Kids off Nauru - sign the petition

Posted 29 08 2018

#Kids off Nauru - sign the petition

The situation for children in detention on Nauru is bleak. Join the push to have all children and their families removed from Nauru to Australia by Universal Children's Day - 20 November 2018. ...more

Living the Change - online facility for commitments available

Posted 23 08 2018

Living the Change - online facility for commitments available

No doubt you are reducing your carbon footprint, but some lifestyle changes may be new. Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) has this year's global faith-based initiative, 'Living the Change', online for commitments and community events ...more

Tear down Australia's racist wallpaper

Posted 17 08 2018

"But this is how racism works ... from material problems to imagined threats. It reframes complex problems for political capital and sometimes violent ends. That is the point when it stops being wallpaper but also the scaffold; not decoration but a cage." ...more

Australia will be stronger by saying yes to Uluru Statement

Posted 10 08 2018

Author Richard Flanagan's speech at the 20th Garma Festival: "The world is being undone before us. If we do not reimagine Australia, we will be undone too" ...more

Speak up at Voices for Justice 2018

Posted 03 08 2018

Speak up at Voices for Justice 2018

Micah Australia has announced Voices for Justice 2018 for 1-4 December in Canberra. Four days of advocacy training and lobbying for the world's poor. Register now. ...more

Nuclear waste sites pose insoluble problems

Posted 03 08 2018

Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) is concerned that short term proposals for the storage of Australia's nuclear waste in SA will leave insoluble problems for present and future generations. ...more

Australians support renewables over coal

Posted 18 07 2018

Australians support renewables over coal

The Pacific Calling Partnership is highlighting a 2018 Lowy Institute Poll that finds 84% of Australians believe that the government should focus on renewable energy over coal-fired plants, even if such measures were to cost more. ...more

Review of Australian broadcasting in the Pacific

Posted 18 07 2018

The Australian Government is undertaking a review of Australian media services in the Asia-Pacific region. Pacific Calling Partnership is asking that we send messages to the Review and call for a thorough upgrade of the ABC's broadcasting to the Pacific. ...more

Alternative Solution #WithRefugees

Posted 04 06 2018

Alternative Solution #WithRefugees

There's a workable alternative to Australia's asylum policy. The bad example set by Australia is damaging a global system already in crisis. But it's not too late to change tack, write James Hathaway and Daniel Ghezelbash. ...more

Surveillance in Australia: Who's watching the watchers?

Posted 04 06 2018

That the government is considering granting the Australian Signals Directorate powers to spy on Australian citizens, including emails, texts and bank records, on top of the extensive surveillance powers already held by ASIO and the AFP, is cause for alarm ...more

Sign Petition to stand with Traditional Owners against Adani

Posted 04 06 2018

Read the latest message from the leaders of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners. They are the Traditional Owners of the land where mining giant Adani want to build the Carmichael coal mine. ...more


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