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Latest News

Your next meal could help change lives

Posted 20 04 2018

Your next meal could help change lives

Four Brave Women is a cafe initiative of The Trading Circle in Summer Hill that aims to give refugees experience over 8 weeks as cooks. The aim is for them to be able to operate and grow their own small business. ...more

Death of Australian children's TV programming

Posted 18 04 2018

Patricia Edgar, founding Director of Australian Children's Television Foundation, reflects on lessons that may be learned from the BBC reinvesting to serve its youngest audience and advocates for quick action on Australia's children's programming ...more

Australia is not listening in the Pacific

Posted 17 04 2018

In the Vanuatu Daily Post, Dan McGarry opines that "the average Australian's conception of Pacific island nations is so limited it makes some of us wonder if they even want to understand. Our voices and our reality are pointedly and repeated ignored" ...more

Pathways to justice pass through health - 6 ways to prevent harm of incarceration

Posted 13 04 2018

Pathways to justice pass through health - 6 ways to prevent harm of incarceration

The major findings of the Australian Law Reform Commission's Pathways to Justice report on the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was tabled in Parliament last week and is awaiting a detailed response from government. ...more

New record lows for Australia's foreign aid

Posted 06 04 2018

New record lows for Australia's foreign aid

Since the Coalition's 2014 decision to cut foreign aid funding by $1.4 billion per year, Australia's foreign aid record has not improved. A new report from The Australia Institute suggests that Australia's aid spending could be cut even further. ...more

It's the community's economy and we vote

Posted 16 03 2018

The Sydney Morning Herald's economics editor Ross Gittins reflects on the role of governments in setting boundaries within market economies - for entrepreneurs to be entrepreneurial - on behalf of the community's economy. ...more

March for Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy

Posted 15 03 2018

March for Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy

#Time2Choose Rally and March is being held outside NSW Parliament House at 12 noon on Saturday 24 March - calling for Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Energy. ...more

Ignoring climate data makes mass extinctions likely

Posted 07 03 2018

We have a combination of man-made hazards threatening continued human survival, writes Bob Douglas, and the evidence base and scientific data, writes Andrew Glikson, are under-rated by political decision makers everywhere. ...more

Climate Change adaptation - loss of momentum

Posted 01 03 2018

Professor Bruce Thom AM, Member, Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, and former Chair National Coasts and Climate Change Council reflects on the last 10 years and where we are heading. ...more

Australia/US relations and Pine Gap

Posted 28 02 2018

Richard Tanter is Senior Research Associate at the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability, and teaches International Relations at the University of Melbourne. He writes with concern about Australian sovereignty after US rhetoric on North Korea ...more

The apology ten years on

Posted 15 02 2018

Writing in Eureka Street, Frank Brennan SJ asks us to "recommit to the unifying challenge" put to Parliament a decade ago and put the human face on the Uluru Statement from the Heart: 'In 1967 we were counted, in 2017 we seek to be heard.' ...more

No to global arms role

Posted 10 02 2018

Take action against the Government announcement that it is looking for Australia to become one of the top ten arms producers and exporters for the reason of job creation. ...more

New trade pact needs close scrutiny

Posted 01 02 2018

Greg Wood writes that TPP-11 "discards Australia's sovereignty" and AFTINET asks that we petition for a Senate Inquiry and commission an independent study on the real costs of the trade deal. ...more

NSW National Parks in decline

Posted 31 01 2018

Michael McFadyn has watched and mourned as NSW national parks have been run into the ground. ...more

6 ways to stand in solidarity with Indigenous Australians

Posted 25 01 2018

According to Tanya Denning-Orman, NITV Channel Manager: "Survival Day acknowledges the mixed nature of January 26. It recognises the invasion and our history, but invasion doesn't frame us as a people. We are still here, our languages are still spoken ...more

First Australia Day - 30 July 1915

Posted 21 01 2018

The original Australia Day, a national event to raise funds for troops wounded at Gallipoli, was held on 30 July 2015. Each State celebrated their Foundation Day. NSW has always ignored 18 January 1788 when British settlement fleet landed at Botany Bay. ...more

Human Rights Commissioner on religious freedom

Posted 19 01 2018

31 January is the deadline for submissions to the religious freedom inquiry by a panel led by former Attorney General Phillip Ruddock. The Human Rights Commissioner, Ed Santow, outlines key considerations ...more

Inequality is a choice government makes

Posted 13 12 2017

We need a solid jobs plan, and full employment should be a policy priority. The government can blame people all they like but this won't address the inequality many are burdened with, writes John Falzon. ...more

Massive battery that can do much more

Posted 08 12 2017

The opening of the "world's largest" lithium-ion battery is truly a historic moment for both South Australia, and for Australia's future energy security. It may well be a game changer, by delivering services not previously provided by wind and solar PV. ...more

Tensions in Australia-China relationship

Posted 07 12 2017

Aspects of current tensions in Australia-China relations from 'Pearls and Irritations': Mark Beeson on the Australian/US alliance and China's attitude to it; and Fran Martin on the alleged influence of the Chinese Government on Chinese students. ...more


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