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Glasgoing, going, gone: What now? A live panel discussion following COP26

Posted 11 11 2021

Updated on 11 11 2021

Glasgoing, going, gone: What now? A live panel discussion following COP26

Wednesday  17th November

6.30pm -7.30 pm

Register for our special webinar


We have planned CCJP’S  last seminar for the year to join the panel webinar from the Climate Council members who attended the Cop26 in Glasgow. It has come upon us faster than we anticipated so we encourage you to register to join in to this invaluable informative report from those with expertise in the Climate Council. Places are scarce so register ASAP.


Firestorm: In Conversation with Greg Mullins and Kerry O’Brien

Posted 10 11 2021

Updated on 10 11 2021

Dear Friends, as you know, COP26 is happening at present in Glasgow, and we are all holding our collective breath waiting to hear its outcome. We invited Greg Mullins, former Fire Chief and Climate Council member, to do a zoom with CCJP. It was a folorn hope as he is fully involved with COP26. However, the Climate Council has given us permission to use the interview between Greg Mullins and Kerry O’Brien, about Greg’s new book “Firestorm”. It is hard hitting but inspiring. We are putting it up on the website.

Also, after COP26 is over, the Climate Council will be running a Zoom with Prof Lesley Hughes, Dr David Bradshaw and others analysing the outcome and possible future action. No date has been set yet, but they have invited CCJP members and friends to join the zoom.

Given the late time of year, we will promote this as our last event for 2021, and hope to see you all in person in 2022

Read the full converstation with Greg Mullins and Kerry O’Brien here.


Posted 29 10 2021

Read a positive and uplifting story of the Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land who have developed and managed a project for their children’s future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              With thanks to Bernadette Gore from Careaccounting who is one of their great supporters.

Sisters'Climate Action October 18

Posted 19 10 2021

Faiths 4 Climate Justice                                                                                                                                                                   The action information is up on our website now.                                                                                     However it is being a bit tricky trying to show the video parts.  Wait for the heading to come up in News and Events and then click it - or under the photo of Mary Louise at the bell.  You should then see and click  “ópen file’’. If in the top bar it says something about ‘protected view’ and then asks you to “ällow external material “click it for yes. it seems to work then. Hopefully you can play around and get it to work for you. In the meantime the banner is hanging proudly from our balcony and I have seen people going past looking up to read it.                ...more

Sisters Of Mercy Parramatta Call For Stronger National Climate Policies

Posted 11 10 2021

Sisters Of Mercy Parramatta Call For Stronger National Climate Policies

The Sisters are joining with other faith groups on Sunday 17th October at 11am to draw attention to the crisis of climate change.

They have hung a banner on their building saying Protect Creation, and are holding a virtual gathering online to express their concern about the destruction currently happening to our planet and its people, especially the poor, by global warming. Congregation Leader, Sister Mary Louise Petro, said “As people of faith we believe that we have been given the beautiful gift of creation by our God and it is our responsibility to show our gratitude by preserving and protecting it.”

You can join the action from the 17th Oct by clicking on their website at then go the news and events section and click on the powerpoint slides.

Faith4 Climate Justice Global Day of Action

Posted 30 09 2021

Updated on 01 10 2021

In March this year the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta held a gathering in our grounds to 'sound the alarm' about the urgent need for action on climate change.

Now, on October 17 people of faith all over the world are gathering again for a massive global multi-religious action prior to the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in November. The symbolic action will be to unfurl banners with messages to governments and major financial institutions, and individuals: destroying the planet is against our religions.

The term "COP" stands for the "Conference Of the Parties", an annual meeting on climate change organized by the United Nations and attended by delegations from most countries around the world.   COP26 is so important that Pope Francis himself has committed to attending the climate summit in person.

Due to the restrictions of lockdown we can’t meet physically on the 17th. However we have a banner to display from the building and will hold a virtual gathering to join the global actions. Hope you can join us.
Stay tuned for further information


Sydney alliance Action for Afghanistan Refugees

Posted 30 09 2021

Updated on 01 10 2021

On 29 September Cecily attended a Zoom meeting organised by Sydney Alliance about the plight of Afghanistan refugees and those already here on TPVs. The purpose was to prepare delegations to Federal MPs requesting increase to the number of refugees accepted by Australia, and also to request that permanent visas be given to those here already. There were 112 enthusiastic participants and we were divided into our electorate groups to lobby for a meeting with our MP or Senator. Some of you may have been aware of this meeting too. It is hopes that more people will join the delegations by personal approach from those attending the zoom.

Noel Pearson Presantation Update

Posted 09 08 2021

Updated on 09 08 2021

During his recent presentation to CCJP, Noel Pearson was asked if he had a suggestion for the wording of the Referendum.  This is what was put forward by Noel, Professor Megan Davis and Pat Anderson

They proposed a Section 21(29) with a heading:

The First Nations Voice

Clause 1. There shall be a First Nations voice.

Clause 2. The First Nations voice shall present its view to Parliament and the Executive on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Clause 3. The Parliament shall, subject to this constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the First Nations Voice.

Please find the full transcription here



Posted 10 07 2021 by MargaretH

Updated on 10 07 2021 by LukeB


During NAIDOC week I watched some zoom talks by Indigenous lawyers and others on the Uluru Statement. They made it quite clear that only an Indigenous Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution will be accepted by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islan ...more

Listen to Noel Pearon's on the Uluru Statement

Posted 24 06 2021 by MargaretH

Listen to Noel Pearon's on the Uluru Statement

We have recorded Noel Pearson's talk from the THE ULURU STATEMENT FROM THE HEART Conference.

Click here to listen to Noel's Talk.

SAVE THE DATE - Noel Pearson

Posted 05 05 2021 by MargaretH

SAVE THE DATE - Noel Pearson

Join us for our next zoom CCJP meeting where Noel Pearson will be our guest speaker on the topic:


Date:    June 16
Time:     4pm - 5.30pm
Further details to follow..           

You must register by contacting Cecily at
ph.  9745 0820


Featuring Lesley Hughes from the Climate Council

Posted 05 03 2021 by MargaretH

Updated on 06 03 2021 by LukeB

On February 17th CCJP had a great zoom meeting where Professor Lesley Hughes from the Climate Council shared her expertise and knowledge about what we are facing through climate change. It was very sobering but there was also much information about what can be done and is being done by many (except of course the Morrison Government). Below is the link for the video made by the Climate Council that captures some of what Professor Hughes shared with us.

The Climate Council is well worth joining

Watch the Video with Prof Lesley Hughes now.


Posted 02 03 2021 by MargaretH

Following our earlier message from ARRCC about the Multi Faith Global Action for Climate Change we  invite you to join the Sisters of Mercy in their planned action listed below.



Places of worship worldwide call for climate justice

11 am on Thursday, March 11, 2021 is Global Day of Action - humanity's "eleventh hour" to act on climate. 

Faith communities around the world are being asked to ‘sound the alarm’ for the climate and call for climate justice. Please join the biggest ever global faith-based Day of Action for the Climate. The theme of the day is Sacred People, Sacred Earth.
Each place of worship, faith-based small group or household will choose its own way to do this: by ringing its bells, by sounding a note on the shofar, calling the Azan, by chanting and by meditating. 

Sisters of Mercy Parramatta suggested response:

We would like to hold an action in our grounds by ringing “Gabriel”, our bell, while holding banners and having a short reflection on our understanding of Sacred People Sacred Earth.  Join us a 10.30 for a cuppa before the 11am action.

Would you let me know if you can join us.


CCJP Submission to Indigenous Voice

Posted 29 01 2021 by MargaretH

You can read the submission we made to the committees for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament by clicking on the following link     CCJP submission Uluru proposed models.docx




Posted 26 01 2021 by MargaretH


Calling all CCJP members and friends.

Dean Parkin at From the Heart asked us to join them in a week of action. The Co-design Report for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament has just been released by the Government and we now enter a time of discussion and consultation. We can make  submissions to the Committee showing our support for a Constitutional enshrined Voice. It does not have to be long or detailed.  

CCJP has sent a submission which will soon be on our website.

Click on the From the Heart website link below and go to 'resource centre' and you will find lots of help and information.

Dean has sent this heartfelt plea to get behind this campaign to achieve lasting justice for the First Nations' People of Australia. Let's give our support to their efforts.

From the Heart is guided by the Uluru Statement from the Heart which calls for a Voice enshrined in the Australian Constitution. This Co-Design Process is a significant opportunity to press our case for an enshrined Voice – we must act now!
We are calling on all who are inspired by the Uluru Statement to make a submission in support of our key positions. Dean Parkin


Posted 16 12 2020 by MargaretH

CCJP will be holding a series of Zoom gatherings during 2021 until the McAuley room becomes available.  The Parramatta venue is closed to large groups due to Covid-19.


Posted 16 12 2020 by MargaretH

Updated on 27 01 2021 by MargaretH



Once again  we will have a February 2021  “Zoom” AGM, with Professor Lesley Hughes, Professor of Biology, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University, Ecologist and member of the Climate Council, Lesley has agreed to be our presenter via Zoom. You may have seen or heard Professor Hughes in the media sharing her expert knowledge. Two very important reports have just been released by the Climate Council so we will certainly receive the most up to date information.  Have your questions ready during the discussion time.

The date will be  Wednesday 17 February 2021 at 4pm. We will ask for registration at the end of January. Professor Hughes will speak on the situation on climate change a year after last disastrous summer, and also situation of species in the wild. We hope you can join us for this event.

In the meantime, have you checked out indigenous information, including the video we made, on our website, or on the From the Heart website: and  



A Beginners Guide to the Uluru Statement

Posted 20 11 2020 by MargaretH

A Beginners Guide to the Uluru Statement

We have not been idle throughout this pandemic year. We have produced, at the request of Dean Parkin and the From the Heart Committee, a short amateur video supporting the aims of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We invite you to use the video with family & friends.

Watch the Uluru Statement from the Heart Video now

We also are sending the link to a booklet “A Beginner’s Guide to the Uluru Statement”, compiled by Sheila Quonoey pbvm in April 2020, a lovely work which aims to spread understanding of the Uluru Statement, and some reflections and possible Actions people can make.

Read “A Beginner’s Guide to the Uluru Statement” now

Federal Budget 2020 - A Lost Opportunity

Posted 19 10 2020 by MargaretH

Comments on the Commonwealth Budget show the overall sentiment is one of opportunities lost, though there were some announcements that will support people working in and supported by the social service sector. It does little however to support those whose lives have been shattered by the coronavirus and the related structures of exclusion.  This is a budget that, without doubt, will increase inequality. As stated in the Sisters of St Joseph’s media release, it is those who are already disadvantaged who will miss out.   The im¬me¬di¬ate eco¬nomic vic¬tims will be peo¬ple who al¬ready work in pre¬car¬i¬ous em¬ploy-ment, and those who even now are suffering from the deprivations of Covid-19.   There is no funding to deal with the crises in aged care facilities The JobMaker hiring credit excludes anyone over 35 who lost their job throughout COVID-19 Older women have been largely excluded from wage subsidies, which are instead focussed on under-35-year-olds and male-dominated industries The tax package created by the Coalition benefits the top 20% of income earners by 41% in 2020-21, and an extraordinary 88% in 2021-22 — after lower-income earners receive just one allocation of a $1080 refund (the Australia Institute) There is no new funding for public housing, and this budget plans to ...more

Mobile Phones in Detention Centres

Posted 10 09 2020 by MargaretH

Updated on 10 09 2020 by MargaretH

Due to the Covid19 restrictions we have not been able to enjoy our usual seminars face to face. However, never fear! CCJP is planning zoom meetings as an alternative, so stay tuned. We will be in touch soon.

In the meantime there is an action you could take. As you may know  Peter Dutton has devised another cruel policy to take away mobile phones from detainees.

Senator Jackie Lambie may defeat it in the Senate if she is advised by people to do so.

Help Senator Lambie decide

Thousands of people have emailed their Senators this week to keep mobile phones in detention.

You might have seen that Peter Dutton’s Bill made it through the lower house. Now, Senator Lambie could decide if the Bill makes it through the Senate.

Right now, can you complete this quick poll on Senator Lambie’s website and ask her to vote NO on this cruel Bill?

Read full update


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