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Latest News

First Australia Day - 30 July 1915

Posted 21 01 2018

The original Australia Day, a national event to raise funds for troops wounded at Gallipoli, was held on 30 July 2015. Each State celebrated their Foundation Day. NSW has always ignored 18 January 1788 when British settlement fleet landed at Botany Bay. ...more

Human Rights Commissioner on religious freedom

Posted 19 01 2018

31 January is the deadline for submissions to the religious freedom inquiry by a panel led by former Attorney General Phillip Ruddock. The Human Rights Commissioner, Ed Santow outlines key issues ...more

Inequality is a choice government makes

Posted 13 12 2017

We need a solid jobs plan, and full employment should be a policy priority. The government can blame people all they like but this won't address the inequality many are burdened with, writes John Falzon. ...more

Massive battery that can do much more

Posted 08 12 2017

The opening of the "world's largest" lithium-ion battery is truly a historic moment for both South Australia, and for Australia's future energy security. It may well be a game changer, by delivering services not previously provided by wind and solar PV. ...more

Tensions in Australia-China relationship

Posted 07 12 2017

Aspects of current tensions in Australia-China relations from 'Pearls and Irritations': Mark Beeson on the Australian/US alliance and China's attitude to it; and Fran Martin on the alleged influence of the Chinese Government on Chinese students. ...more

Cracking down on advocacy by charities

Posted 07 12 2017

If charities want to retain the ability to engage in advocacy, they will have to push back against those who believe participation in the public contest of ideas should be restricted to the rich and powerful, writes Community Council for Australia CEO Dav ...more

Twelve ways at Christmas - challenge to go waste free

Posted 01 12 2017

Twelve ways at Christmas - challenge to go waste free

This Advent season we can respond to the papal encyclical Laudato Si' to live simply, change our lifestyle and be part of a cultural revolution to look after God's Creation. Here are 12 ideas to practice living waste free through the silly season. ...more

60 councils, nearly 7.5 million Australians

Posted 30 11 2017

After only four months, Cities Power Partnership, which helps local councils accelerate Australia's transition to a renewable energy future, has 60 councils on board that act for more than 30% of the Australian population. ...more

Older women vulnerable to homelessness

Posted 29 11 2017

The disadvantage experienced by older women vulnerable to homelessness is an accumulation of a lifetime of gender discrimination. The housing solutions continue to elude policy makers, the media and business. ...more

Safety for ALL on Manus and Nauru

Posted 24 11 2017

The November 2017 issue of 'Just In Time' from the Social Justice Committee of CLRI (NSW) highlights the urgent need for our voices to be raised to our PM and MPs to find safe and viable options for ALL people on Manus and Nauru. The brutality must end. ...more

Raise age of criminal responsibility to at least 14 years

Posted 23 11 2017

Raise age of criminal responsibility to at least 14 years

Kids are not safe in Australia's prisons. Amnesty has launched a petition calling for a National Plan of Action to be led by the Federal Government. We want opportunities for kids to thrive in their communities. #NotJustDonDale, #FreeToBeKids ...more

Crisis Appeal for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Posted 23 11 2017

The ABC is supporting a crisis appeal for urgent funds to help nearly a million people who have fled violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State. The Australian Government will match donations to the Red Cross and Australia for UNHCR up to a total of $5 million. ...more

Commbank is ditching coal!

Posted 16 11 2017

This is a huge win for people power. After more than a year of continuously exposing Commbank's dirty funding, the bank has finally agreed to reduce their funding for coal mines. ...more

Trade deal (TPP-11) talks continue

Posted 15 11 2017

Trade deal (TPP-11) talks continue

AFTINET reports that the 11 countries finalising a new trans-Pacific trade partnership have not done the deal yet. Some of the proposals have been suspended but Australia has nothing to gain from a revived TPP in terms of market access and economic growth ...more

To err was human, to forgive divine

Posted 11 11 2017

The Muslim community have responded to the widow-driver who has killed and injured Banksia Road school students. They want to support and protect the accused ...more

Keep up the pressure for Manus and Nauru - #Safetyforall

Posted 09 11 2017

The global community helped a man from Manus get out of mandatory detention with the help and permission of the Australian Government. Canadian sponsorship for Amir and the NZ offer of resettling refugees clearly demonstrate that there are options ...more

Support petition for First Nations to have a voice

Posted 07 11 2017

A call to the Prime Minister and Australian Parliament - we support First Nations peoples to have a voice. We call on the Australian Parliament to make this a national priority. ...more

Missed opportunity to progress Aboriginal rights

Posted 06 11 2017

In May 2017, a historic convention was held in Alice Springs to discuss Indigenous constitutional recognition. Why go to the trouble, only for the Prime Minister to determine the outcome 'too ambitious'? This could be put to Australians in a referendum. ...more

On track to fall short on Paris commitments

Posted 02 11 2017

On track to fall short on Paris commitments

Australia is in the headlines again, but for all the wrong reasons. Australia's emissions have continued to rise consistently every quarter since 2015. Not only that, we are set to miss our emissions reduction target by over 150 million tonnes of CO2. ...more

Watermark - being change and living sustainably

Posted 29 10 2017

The last edition of Watermark in 2017, from the Social Justice Committee of CLRI (NSW), looks at putting into practice the principles of sustainable living and environmental sustainability; and other stories to challenge and inspire. ...more


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