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Latest News

Commbank is ditching coal!

Posted 16 11 2017

This is a huge win for people power. After more than a year of continuously exposing Commbank's dirty funding, the bank has finally agreed to reduce their funding for coal mines. ...more

Trade deal (TPP-11) talks continue

Posted 15 11 2017

Trade deal (TPP-11) talks continue

AFTINET reports that the 11 countries finalising a new trans-Pacific trade partnership have not done the deal yet. Some of the proposals have been suspended but Australia has nothing to gain from a revived TPP in terms of market access and economic growth ...more

To err was human, to forgive divine

Posted 11 11 2017

The Muslim community have responded to the widow-driver who has killed and injured Banksia Road school students. They want to support and protect the accused ...more

Keep up the pressure for Manus and Nauru - #Safetyforall

Posted 09 11 2017

The global community helped a man from Manus get out of mandatory detention with the help and permission of the Australian Government. Canadian sponsorship for Amir and the NZ offer of resettling refugees clearly demonstrate that there are options ...more

Support petition for First Nations to have a voice

Posted 07 11 2017

A call to the Prime Minister and Australian Parliament - we support First Nations peoples to have a voice. We call on the Australian Parliament to make this a national priority. ...more

Daily reflections for Bonn Climate Conference

Posted 07 11 2017

COP23, the shortform for the 23rd Conference of Parties to the UN Climate Change Convention, began in Bonn, Germany on 6 November 2017. The Independent Catholic News (UK) have published a prayer and short daily reflections from around the world. ...more

Missed opportunity to progress Aboriginal rights

Posted 06 11 2017

In May 2017, a historic convention was held in Alice Springs to discuss Indigenous constitutional recognition. Why go to the trouble, only for the Prime Minister to determine the outcome 'too ambitious'? This could be put to Australians in a referendum. ...more

On track to fall short on Paris commitments

Posted 02 11 2017

On track to fall short on Paris commitments

Australia is in the headlines again, but for all the wrong reasons. Australia's emissions have continued to rise consistently every quarter since 2015. Not only that, we are set to miss our emissions reduction target by over 150 million tonnes of CO2. ...more

Australia must do something about crisis on Manus Island

Posted 01 11 2017

Fr Frank Brennan has posted a strong video message on YouTube calling for Australia to do something about the humanitarian crisis unfolding on Manus Island. We need to get the message out. Please share. ...more

Watermark - being change and living sustainably

Posted 29 10 2017

The last edition of Watermark in 2017, from the Social Justice Committee of CLRI (NSW), looks at putting into practice the principles of sustainable living and environmental sustainability; and other stories to challenge and inspire. ...more

Writing wrongs - Manus community says no to detention

Posted 29 10 2017

On Monday 30 October, Australia's Manus Island Detention Centre will be closed. Power and water will be cut off and food will be stopped. There are real fears concerning the welfare of both the refugees and the Manus Island community. ...more

2017 Nobel Peace Prize to Australian-originated ICAN

Posted 28 10 2017

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. CCJP is a partner organization to ICAN from its early days in 2007. 122 nations have adopted a UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. ...more

10 years on - Where do we go from here?

Posted 26 10 2017

10 years ago, filmmakers followed Phil Glendenning as he tracked down people who were deported by the Australian Government after their claims for protection were rejected. A Well-Founded Fear is the filmed story of the search. ...more

Putting people first in a just and equitable economy

Posted 13 10 2017

The latest issue of Act Justly from the Sydney Archdiocese Justice and Peace Office explores the new Social Justice Statement, Everyone's Business: Developing an Inclusive and Sustainable Economy. ...more

NSW introduces laws to revive Indigenous languages

Posted 12 10 2017

Australia's first laws to recognise and revive Indigenous languages were introduced in NSW Parliament on 11 October 2017. As part of the new legislation, an independent panel of Aboriginal language experts will be appointed and a new languages centre est ...more

Australian community supports refugee family reunion

Posted 06 10 2017

Over 75% of Australians support refugee family reunion, a new poll finds. CEO of Refugee Council of Australia has called for political leadership to respect community opinions by making family reunion a reality. ...more

Coal and CSG delusion

Posted 04 10 2017

Climate change is no longer a benign theory which might have impact decades hence.Denying this reality, the government dances to the tune of the fossil-fuel industry, trying to establish as many new coal, Coal Seam Gas (CSG), LNG and oil projects as it ca ...more

Appeal from the Asylum Seekers Centre

Posted 31 08 2017

Appeal from the Asylum Seekers Centre

Whilst the group of asylum seekers affected by the Government's announcement to stop all financial assistance, will now have work rights, this has resulted in immense distress. CEO of Asylum Seeker Centre appeals for assistance to respond to the needs of ...more


Posted 31 08 2017

In the past 72 hours, 65 people seeking protection in Australia have been told by our Government that they will lose all income support immediately and be forced out of their accommodation within three weeks. The new policy affects more than 410 men, wome ...more

Watermark issue - tips on plastic and food waste

Posted 29 08 2017

The August issue of Watermark from CLRI (NSW) covers the lead up to next global climate meeting in November and for practical action during the Season of Creation (1 September to 4 October) offers tips to reduce plastic and food waste. ...more


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