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CCJP's Check Outs plus CLRI Watermark & Just In Time Social Justice Publications

CCJP has been publishing factsheets since 1996. Our Check Outs have addressed many justice issues to counteract myths and falsehoods. We feature the excellent CLRI (NSW) Watermark and Just in Time publications.

See our list of Check Outs below.  For more informationon on particular issues visit our index of Social Issues.

List of Check Outs & Watermarks

Date Title and Abstract Size Type Download
Jun-2017 Watermark_June 2017 Conversations about climate change 523KB pdf Download
Jun-2017 Just In Time_May 2017 - Refugee Responsibility-Sharing 544KB pdf Download
Apr-2017 Watermark April 2017 Environmental Crossroads 508KB pdf Download
Mar-2017 Just In Time March2017 - Indigenous Sovereignty 407KB pdf Download
Dec-2016 Watermark_November 2016 Extreme Weather 930KB pdf Download
Nov-2016 Just In Time_Nov 2016: Recognition vs Treaty 685KB pdf Download
Oct-2016 Watermark_October_2016 908KB pdf Download
Oct-2016 Just In Time_ Oct 2016: Nauru Files 436KB pdf Download
Sep-2016 Watermark _September_2016 658KB pdf Download
Feb-2015 Just In Time Feb 2015_NSW Election 327KB pdf Download
Nov-2014 Watermark Nov 2014 _Divest Now: Divestment and Climate Action 691KB pdf Download
Oct-2014 Watermark Sept 2014_Leaders Needed: who will take action to fig 909KB pdf Download
Apr-2014 Climate Change 497KB pdf Download
Apr-2014 Watermark Feb 2014_Climate Change Policy, the Media and You: Par
Examines the media and its relationship to climate change policy. Part 1 focuses on how we as consumers shape and are shaped by the media, as well as the current media climate in Australia.
543KB pdf Download
Apr-2014 Watermark Feb 2014_Climate Change Policy, the Media and You: Par
Part 2 demonstrates how the imbalance in media ownership in Australia has affected public opinion of climate change, and suggests where to go for independent and well-informed sources of information.
393KB pdf Download
Aug-2013 Federal Election Check Out - Industrial Relations 164KB pdf Download
Aug-2013 Federal Election Check Out - Climate Change 574KB pdf Download
Jul-2013 Federal Election Check Out - Indigenous issues 269KB pdf Download
Jul-2013 Federal Election Check Out - Education 280KB pdf Download
Jul-2013 Federal Election Check Out - Asylum Seekers 329KB pdf Download
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Media releases by CCJP

CCJP condenms Labor asylum seeker policy
21 July 2013

Federal Government Cuts to Welfare for Single Parents
17 March 2013

Nauru and Manus Island will fail, says Catholic group
24 October 2012


CCJP Occasional Papers & Discussion Papers

CCJP's Occasional Papers cover a wide variety of topics, taken from our Sunday Seminar talks and discussions. Below are the Occasional Papers for 2012:

Constitutional Recognition of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders - from a seminar by Mick Gooda, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner

Can Fairness and Justice Survive in a Market Economy? - from a seminar by Robert Fitzgerald AM, Commissioner, Australian Government Productivity Commission

The Unseen Victims of War: the ongoing toxic legacy of the war in Iraq - from a seminar by Donna Mulhearn

'The Marines are coming. Should we be worried?' - from a seminar by Denis Doherty and Dr Hannah Middleton from the Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition

Refugees – appealing to our better angels - from a seminar by John Menadue AO

Other CCJP Publications

Discussion Paper - Mining, Economics and Climate Change and the ALP - Terry Hannan (CCJP Member) - download

CCJP's Submission to the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers (July 2012) - download