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Connection To Country Film - available for viewing Sunday

Posted 29 May 2020 12:00PM

Updated on 30 May 2020 12:37PM

The film, Connection to Country, will be released Sunday. The film is about a community in the Pilbara WA explaining their deep connection to the land and their fear. of the loss of their history and heritage.You may have heard of the wanton destruction of two sacred sites in the Pilbara last week by the mining company Rio Tinto. This film was made before this occurred and it is about a different community from the people at Juukan Gorge further west in the Pilbara. However it is very relevant to the appalling behaviour of Rio Tinto and other mining companies  over the past 20 years. Please see the links below for further information on the film.


The film will be accessible anytime online from 7pm on Thursday, 28th May until 7pm on Saturday 30th, May 2020
Please follow these directions to login:

1. Click on the link below

2. Click on login, top right hand corner

3.  Enter as a Guest Account:  FILEF

4.  Password: artfilms