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Ignore the refusal to give Indigenous consent to Adani at our peril

Posted 11 Sep 2019 08:00PM

Friends, the moment that threatened us has come, and we need you with us. 

In a shameful act, the Queensland Government has extinguished our land rights over Wangan and Jagalingou Country, ignoring our refusal to give our consent to Adani. 

Our homelands and waters, the fate of our sacred Springs, and our ceremonial grounds, are now officially controlled by billionaire miner Adani.

The Government didn’t have to betray our culture, and deny our rights in this way - they chose to do this. And, in this moment, we choose to resist.


Now is the time for all our supporters to stand with us in solidarity, to prevent the permanent destruction of our culture. Will you sign the pledge to stand with us to defend our people, our rights and our country?