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Investigations reveal how we are being conned

Posted 13 Dec 2018 03:00PM


MICHAEL KELLY SJ The biggest con in any current debate in Australian public life

In a highly contested event, one political con over the last decade stands out as the greatest bipartisan piece of deception in any enduring debate: the obfuscation employed in the public arguments over asylum seeker arrivals in Australia.

Public attention and a great deal of grief laden anxiety has focused on the public disgrace of Australia’s handling of asylum seekers left for years on Manus and Nauru Islands in the Pacific. This has all been explained to us as being necessary to “stop the boats” as our hand-wringing politicians on both sides of the Parliament tell us that their real concern is to prevent deaths at sea as desperate people make a run for a better future.

Or the “hard men”, though they aren’t all men, tell us the electorate is in panic because of the feared invasion of queue-jumping asylum seekers coming by boat to Australia’s shores in search of refuge. An exaggerated account of the threat posed by asylum seekers landing by boat has been agreed to be a taken-for-granted assumption for both Labor and the Coalition.

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