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Adani now has finance to start - URGENT ACTION NEEDED

Posted 30 Nov 2018 01:00PM

FROM Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) - 29 November 2018

We’ve been expecting this for some time, and now it’s here. Adani mining CEO Lucas Dow has announced that they now have the finance to build both their mine and their rail line to ship the coal to port. They’re saying that they will be able to start work before Christmas.
Queensland is on fire. There is drought across most of the state as well as all of New South Wales. Children are going on strike to protest for urgent climate action. And today is the day that Adani chooses to declare that it is going ahead.
This is a crucial moment. We need to make our voices heard as people of faith.
There are three things we’d like you to do as soon as possible, please.
1. Send an email to Bill Shorten and all Labor MP’s telling them they now must get off the fence and choose. We have this ready for you (see below).
2. Support the school kids going on strike by sending a letter to the editor of your paper.
3. Come to the webinar on Sunday 2 December to find out about coming up to the frontlines. 

Tell Bill Shorten to get off the fence

For a long time, the Labor Party leadership has been sitting on the fence when it comes to Adani. With work set to commence now, they can no longer do this – they have to choose.
Please edit and sign our template letter to Mr Shorten. If your local federal MP is Labor, a copy will also  be automatically sent to them.
You may have also heard Mr Shorten say on November 22, that Australia’s emissions would be “unaffected” by coal exports from Adani’s proposed mine. The letter also lets him know that this is not an ethical position to take.
For clarity, the Paris Accord does allow countries to count only the emissions within their country’s borders, but we are exporting around twice as much coal overseas as we burn here. ARRCC holds that, in this climate emergency, we must do better than hide behind the “drug pusher’s defence”.

Support the school kids

You have probably noticed school kids are going on strike across Australia today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday). What started in a few schools in Victoria has rapidly caught on. See how they are articulating their concerns that politicians are not caring for their future. When they have attempted to visit MP’s they have been stonewalled by some, and disparaged by the Prime Minister. Please support them through a short letter to your local newspaper. Please do mention your faith and how this informs your view. Thanks.
Something like this might work (feel free to copy, paste and edit):
I am writing to support the kids going on strike over the climate crisis. As a committed [please insert your religion here], I believe that we are now at a moral crossroads. Adani has announced that it now has the money to build its massive new coal mine. At the same time much of Queensland is experiencing record heat and many places are on fire. These children striking school to call for politicians to take emergency action on climate change are the moral voice of our times. The most important things is that the Labor Party must get off the fence and decide that now is the time to oppose massive new coal projects, starting with Adani. We owe it to our kids to act now.

Preparing for the frontlines

Some of you have already expressed interest in going to the frontlines for a peaceful resistance action. If anyone would like to talk through what this will entail, please join our one-hour webinar this Sunday:
Sunday December 2nd
3pm Sydney and Melbourne time / 2pm Queensland time / 12 noon WA
The meeting will be held via Zoom. Simply copy this link into your browser just before this time and follow the prompts: 

Carols Against Coal - going gangbusters!

Finally, we’re very excited that so many groups are taking up Carols Against Coal. A short video clip is being made of each choir and being played on social media at the time of the ALP national conference in Adelaide. We are telling them resoundingly that mainstream Australia wants renewables not coal. Robert Dawlings is doing a wonderful job of pulling this together. If you’re interested in joining one of the groups please contact him on
Your voice really will make a difference. Many thanks for taking the time to act!
Tejopala for ARRCC