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Long walk from Dubbo - new Fair Treatment campaign

Posted 14 Oct 2018 01:00PM



Dubbo to Sydney, 19 October - 2 November 2018

The Long Walk is the primary activity of the Fair Treatment drug law reform campaign before the NSW State election.

The intent is to have a multi-faceted action engaging the public, politicians and media through an intensive two-week campaign in late October 2018.

Uniting, the care agency of the Uniting Church in Australia has been given access to research that shows that there is an alarming gap across the entire Alcohol and Other Drug treatment space:

About 50% of people requiring AOD treatment in Australia - 200,000 people per year - can't access it, specifically and alarmingly:

  • Women with children requiring treatment for drug dependencies
  • Those living in rural locations, for whom distances to crucial treatment services are unfeasible.

Can you help as a WALKER on a stretch or join the SHORT MARCH to NSW Parliament House on 2 November to present the Open Letter?

Contact: Stafford Sanders, Uniting: 0412 070 194 or

CCJP is proud to be a member of the not-for-profit NSW-ACT Alliance for Drug Law Reform called 'Fair Treatment'.