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Pearls and Irritations - on current affairs

Posted 7 Sep 2018 06:30PM

ROSS GITTINS. Inequality: Nothing to see here is not the true picture (SMH 3.9.2018)

This week the Productivity Commission issued a “stocktake of the evidence” on inequality in Australia. Its findings will surprise you. But it wasn’t as even-handed as it should have been.  

KIM WINGEREI. The Legacy of the Lucky Generation

Mine is the lucky generation – our parents endured hardship, enjoyed unsurpassed economic growth and shielded us from the past. But what will be our legacy?

DEREK ABBOTT. The Way We Live Now.

In 1988, with the Hawke government successfully carrying through a program of profound economic reform while avoiding the social divisiveness that characterised Margaret Thatcher’s not dissimilar policies in Britain, and with John Howard’s toe in the water on a return to White Australia decisively rejected by his own party and the community at large, it was possible to envisage a future for Australia as a tolerant, socially inclusive, ‘good international citizen’.

STEPHEN LONG. The reality is new coal power is not the answer for cheaper electricity bills (ABC News, 03.09.18)

The tipping point's been reached: renewable energy is now a cheaper source of power for Australia's future electricity needs than coal.