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Going local - affordable and secure housing campaign

Posted 26 May 2018 10:00AM

CCJP is a proud and active member of Sydney Alliance.

Together as Sydney Alliance, we won 5-10% inclusion of affordable housing in new developments.

Now it's time to continue the fight for affordable and stable homes - in your local area, with real impact for your local community.

I'm calling on the local heroes of today... and tomorrow to join up - this is a campaign where your local connections, energy and know-how will make the difference.

Together with you, Vinnies NSW and the Sydney Alliance partners we are putting together local teams to motivate local councils and convince local MPs in the lead up to the NSW election to act on affordable and stable housing:

  • On that empty lot that could be used for emergency housing…
  • On that huge new development that doesn’t include any affordable homes…
  • To join the campaign for fairer renter laws in NSW…
  • To get a real % of affordable and stable housing across the whole council and city. 

Here's how to be part:

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Get trained and briefed about the campaign, together at the Going Local - Affordable & Secure Housing Campaign Briefing, Coordination and Training Session, Saturday, June 16th in the CBD 9:30am-2pm. REGISTER

Step 3: Bring together local leaders into a team

Step 4: Run a local community assembly in your part of Sydney that gets results from Local MPs and Local Councils.

Step 5: Come back together in December to evaluate, celebrate and plan our next steps, bigger and bolder than ever!


Sign up for  Going Local - Affordable & Secure Housing Campaign Briefing, Coordination and Training Session,
or if you can’t make it, email me at to register your interest.


One last thing!

Please join us at the We All Need a Home Forum on Saturday, May 26th from 10am-12pm hosted by Penrith Uniting Church.
The team at the church, with union and community allies, have organised the Lord Mayor of Penrith, state, and federal government representatives to hear from the community  Magnus Linder, co-chair of the Sydney Alliance Housing Team will be presenting the results of the "Penrith Speaks" action and seeking commitments to action.
Don't miss out. RSVP to for more details. 



David Barrow