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Pathways to justice pass through health - 6 ways to prevent harm of incarceration

Posted 13 Apr 2018 09:00AM


The major findings of the Australian Law Reform Commission’ s Pathways to Justice report on the over-incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people was tabled in Parliament last week and is awaiting a detailed response from government.

Speaking to The Guardian, Labor Senator, Pat Dodson raised concerns about the government’s lack of a detailed response to the report, which they have had since the end of last year.

He observed that it was the seventh report on the incarceration of Indigenous Australians to be commissioned over the past decade.

“It has been highlighted over and over with reports after reports, but this is a particularly significant report,” Dodson said. “There’s no dodging this … this is a crisis in the system and the federal government just can’t sit back and say this is a matter for the states.”

Dodson’s call for an urgent response was backed by Change the Record’s co-chair, Damian Griffiths, and President of the Law Council of Australia, Morry Bailes.

The Pathways to Justice report repeatedly emphasises the importance of working in partnership with, and under the leadership of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations and people in implementing its recommendations.

This is something that requires advocacy from the health professions – whether it be finding out about and supporting local initiatives or supporting the advocacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups who are calling for government and community support.

Croakey Collective have sought to highlight this problem, and in particular the many solutions held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around the country, though the #JustJustice series of articles.

"We wondered, this week, how our public health, health policy, health care and medical readers could help move things along. Consulting the brains trust in the Croakey Collective*, we’ve come up with six points, which are by no means a complete list."

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Accessed from John Menadue's Blog Pearls and Irritations on 13 April 2018:

RUTH ARMSTRONG*. Pathways to justice pass through health: six ways the health sector can help reduce the harms of over-incarceration.