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March for Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Energy

Posted 15 Mar 2018 01:00PM

#Time2Choose Rally and March at 12 noon on Saturday 24 March outside NSW Parliament House - calling for Clean Air Clean Water and Clean Energy.

Links to more details about the #Time2Choose campaign

and for the rally  -  Scroll down the webpage for printable A4 posters to display and smaller ones for flyers to hand out.   

Clean Air Clean Water and Clean Energy affects all of us as well as the rest of the planet despite our politicians having their heads in the sand and being in denial!  fossil fuels and promote clean renewable energy. Urgently.

We are shocked to hear that the NSW coal mine expansions awaiting approval cover a greater area and will produce more coal than the more widely publicised Adani mine in Queensland and of course more pollution and CO2

Add to this the destruction of farmland, water supplies and whole villages and rural communities and we begin to recognise the enormity of this problem.

Rural communities are coming to the city for this rally and this is our opportunity tp join and support them calling for Clean Air Clean Water and Clean Energy and we invite you all to spread the word and join the rally and march on Saturday 24 March.