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Posted 3 Jun 2022 11:00AM



With the election of a Labor Government we now have a real chance to embrace the Uluru Statement fully with a referendum to enshrine a Voice to Parliament in our Constitution.  The wonderful Megan Davis, Sean Brennan and Gabrielle Appleby have sent the following message.  Please control/click on the Yarrabah Affirmation below to see the next steps.

Of course, securing a YES vote at a referendum is no small challenge, and there will be much work ahead. But a lot of the work to make the vision of the Uluru Statement a reality has been going on for five years, ever since hundreds of First Nations delegates issued it as an invitation to the Australian people. To be ready for a referendum, we need answers to the questions: WhatHow? And When

The Yarrabah Affirmation explains that we now are now a significant way along to having these answers.