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Commbank is ditching coal!

Posted 16 Nov 2017 12:00PM


We did it: Commbank is ditching coal! 

After more than a year of over 100,000 of us continuously exposing Commbank’s dirty funding, the bank has finally agreed to reduce their funding for coal mines.

And the best part is: you and I made this happen!

This is a huge win for people power, so will you help spread the word? 

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At their AGM this morning, Commbank Chair Catherine Livingstone announced that Commbank has committed to reduce their exposure to coal. This basically means they won’t be funding new coal projects. And this can be the start of something even bigger. As Australia’s largest bank, Commbank’s example can snowball into something much larger. 

When Commbank takes action, other banks are very likely to follow. Remember how quickly other banks dropped their ATM fees once Commbank did?

And cutting off the funding for fossil fuels could force politicians to rethink their position on this risky business too!

This is a major win, which brings us much closer to a fossil-fuel free, renewable future.  In my hometown of Bulga, where Yancoal are trying to swallow our historic village with the expansion of the Mount Thorley Warkworth open cut coal mine, we will have to keep fighting for our future.

But today, we celebrate this shared win, which gives us hope to continue. Will you join us?

Thank you for all you do,

Rob McLaughlin
Community activist