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On track to fall short on Paris commitments

Posted 2 Nov 2017 10:00AM


Australia is in the headlines again, but for all the wrong reasons.

A new report (1) reveals that Australia is on track to fall well short of the commitments it made in Paris.

Almost two years ago, world leaders (including ours) agreed to the goal of holding global warming to below 2°C. This news buoyed the global community with hope and optimism about the coming years.

But unfortunately, Australia’s pollution outlook isn’t too rosy.

Australia’s emissions have continued to rise consistently every quarter since 2015. Not only that, we’re set to miss our emissions reduction target by over 150 million tonnes of CO2. We’re not even in the ballpark of what’s required.

We urgently need to hold the Government to account. Can you help The Climate Council to keep the pressure on?

In Paris, Australia committed to a 26–28% reduction of emissions by 2030. A target that was one of the weakest in the developed world.

The Federal Government's failure to put in place a strong climate policy is pushing pollution up and up - and now the whole world is taking notice.

Next week, the Climate Council be launching a new report, The Critical Decade, which provides an update on the latest climate science. It also shows that the window of opportunity for the Federal Government to tackle climate change is rapidly closing and that Australia’s reputation as a responsible global citizen is plummeting as we lag behind on pollution reduction.

This latest pollution report is a wake-up call for Australia. Will you help the Climate Council make as much noise as possible about the need for a strong climate policy?

Amanda McKenzie
Chief Executive
The Climate Council