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Coal and CSG delusion

Posted 4 Oct 2017 10:00AM


Climate change is no longer a benign theory which might have impact decades hence.

Denying this reality, the government dances to the tune of the fossil-fuel industry, trying to establish as many new coal, Coal Seam Gas (CSG), LNG and oil projects as it can before the shutters finally come down on the industry, which they will. 

But our leaders deliberately ignore the fact that the full climatic outcomes of these projects do not manifest themselves for decades hence.

Read the full blog from IAN DUNLOP at John Menadue's Pearls and Irritations

IAN DUNLOP. The Coal and CSG Delusion

Energy policy is the issue to trump them all.  We have already lost several Prime Ministers in its cause, and more will likely walk the plank before commonsense prevails.  But the last few weeks have set new standards for national stupidity.

Ian Dunlop was formerly an international oil, gas and coal industry executive, chair of the Australian Coal Association and CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a Member of the Club of Rome. He chaired the Experts Group which designed the first emissions trading system for Australia under the Howard government in 1998.