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Australian community supports refugee family reunion

Posted 6 Oct 2017 01:00PM


Over 75% of Australians support refugee family reunion, new poll finds

More than three quarters of Australians (including voters for both major parties) support the reunion of refugee families separated around the world, according to a new poll published this week. Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) CEO Paul Power said that “now is the time for political leadership to respect the community’s clear opinion by making family reunion a reality.”

RCOA’s 2016 report, Addressing the Pain of Separation for Refugee Families, found that demand for visas outstripped the number of available places by 7:1, many claims were subject to prolonged waiting periods and that sourcing evidence to substantiate family relationships could pose a barrier.  

Mr Power said that the psychological, financial and social impacts of family separation have a significant detrimental effect on people trying to achieve positive settlement outcomes. “Ninety seven per cent of respondents to the survey agreed that family is important to them, but unfortunately many refugees living in the Australian community have no idea if or when they will see their families again and they fear for their safety. Without more humane policies in place, people will continue to suffer.”

We are calling on the government to allow the many people in Australia affected by this issue to reunite with their loved ones. To add your support for refugee family reunion, sign the pledge below. 


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