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Appeal from the Asylum Seekers Centre

Posted 31 Aug 2017 01:00PM


The immediate situation

As detailed in the news this week, there are an estimated 370 asylum seekers currently in Australia who have been evacuated from Manus and Nauru on medical grounds over recent years. Whilst they have been living in the community in Australia receiving medical treatment, they have been without work rights, but living in government supported housing and in receipt of basic Centrelink payments of approximately $200 per fortnight. Children have been able to attend school and establish community connections.

Following the recent announcement by Minister Dutton, the government has acted swiftly, already stripping Centrelink payments from the first group of single people affected by these medical transfers. They have also been given eviction notices and must vacate their accommodation within three weeks. Whilst this group of people will now have work rights, they will not be entitled to any financial assistance from the Government. This announcement has resulted in immense distress for those immediately affected as well as those imminently losing support. The ASC understands that family groups will be the next affected. As more news comes to light we will provide updates via our website:

The bigger picture                                                                                                                   

Along with responding to this immediate need, the ASC continues to work with more than 2600 individuals who have come by boat or by plane. Many of these arrived by boat prior to 2014 and are now subject to the unfair fast-track visa determination process. We’re anticipating an increase in demand as many will seek to appeal the outcome of their decisions.

What actions are ASC taking?                                                                                                                      

We have been in contact with our partners around Australia and will be part of a national response to Government.We are working closely with our sector partners in NSW to ensure that none of these people slip into homelessness and destitution. Together, we are working to establish a case coordination and referral network and to identify critical resources and emergency accommodation.ASC will also be part of a sector crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for this particular group of people who have come from Manus and Nauru.

Practical ways you  can help                                                                                                                                                           

If you are an employer and can give a job to a person seeking asylum, contact or call 02 9078 1900 to speak to our Employment Coordinator Dani Kreuger.

Your donation will ensure we can continue to meet increasing need.

Material support:
We need a constant supply of food and laptops, and we always appreciate these donations.

Thank you as always for your ongoing support.
Warm regards,

Frances Rush
Chief Executive Officer

Asylum Seekers Centre
Becher House
43 Bedford Street
Newtown NSW 2042