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Let's Go #BlueForNauru

Posted 19 Nov 2018 05:00PM


Tomorrow is Universal Children's Day. We need you to make a huge amount of noise.

Today: Don't forget to remind all of our staff, customers, friends and followers to wear blue tomorrow in solidarity with children and their families still trapped on Nauru.

Let's Go #BlueForNauru


We started this campaign on 20 August giving the Government and our political leaders 92 days to evacuate the then 119 children trapped on Nauru, on the grounds of it being a humanitarian and medical emergency.

Although we are relieved 97 children (and their families) have been transferred to Australia for appropriate medical care, the vast majority of these are a result of hard won court-orders, not Government action.

It's not good enough that  22 children are still suffering on Nauru in our name. Being trapped there, perhaps forever is robbing these kids of a normal childhood - it is making kids blue.

That’s why we’re turning Australia blue for the kids on Nauru.

Here are some suggestions how:

Download our resource pack. Organise your staff to wear all blue clothes on Universal Children's Day 20 November to stand united with the children and adults trapped on Nauru for no reason. Hold a #BlueForNauru themed morning / afternoon tea and raise money for your local asylum seeker / refugee support service or write an open letter from your leadership team to your local MP or the PM. Make a bold statement to the media. Turn your organisation's logo blue or add a #BlueForNauru frame on Facebook and Twitter. Just do something!

Help keep up the pressure on the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition to find an immediate, permanent and humane solution to this medical emergency by calling your local MP.

Thank you for going blue for Nauru!
#KidsOffNauru Team

PS: Don't forget to take lots of photos - especially tomorrow on Universal Children's Day - 20 November and post on your social media channels using the hashtags #BlueForNauru and #KidsOffNauru 

PSS: RSVP on our Facebook Event Page if you're planning to go #BlueForNauru this week and add your pics to the conversation.