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Tensions in Australia-China relationship

Posted 7 Dec 2017 05:00PM


Aspects of Australia’s relationship with China and current tensions are covered in two blogs on Pearls and Irritations: Mark Beeson’s article is on the Australian/US alliance and China’s attitude to it; and  Fran Martin’s is on the alleged influence of the Chinese Government on Chinese students in Australia.


FRAN MARTIN. Overstating Chinese influence in Australian universities

Both Australia’s national government and its security agency ASIO have expressed concerns over the influence that the Chinese government exerts on Chinese student groups studying at Australian universities. They have also accused Beijing of using those groups to spy on Chinese students in Australia.

MARK BEESON: When worlds collide: The unlikely relationship between Australia and China

The debate about Australia’s relationship with China is characterized by a degree of mutual incomprehension born of difference. Both sides share some of the blame for the current bilateral tensions.